Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the beginning

So... yeah, here we are, i have finally succumbed to the internet sensation of blogging.

My name is Francis Law and i'm currently a student of Style Design College in South Africa, I'm studying Graphic Design, in vain hopes of becoming an illustrator / game designer.

I enjoy drawing, have a wide variety of taste in music. I myself play violin and guitar, and when time permits indulge in video games. (Much to my lecturer's dislike :D). I also have an interest in photography and computer science.

I'll submit drawings later during the day, but for now, make yourself at home and I hope you enjoy my occasional dark-humored rants and anything I tend to say.

Not too sure how to close this letter off so... Look over there!

Edit: So this is interesting, apparently in an drunken stupor (or something) 2 years ago i created a blog account, and I completely forgot about it's existence, so please, if you would, ignore anything prior to this post.

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