Monday, September 20, 2010


So here I am staring blankly at the screen that I seem to spend most of my life in front of, and it suddenly hit me that I haven't updated my blog in eons, so what better way to pester you and embarrass myself than to show you my recent attempts at developing a brand identity for a college assignment, I was going for a steam-punky / vintage style of brand with these designs, most of them were painfully difficult to do (all thanks to my superhuman ability to over-complicate things unnecessarily) but I've learnt 3 very important things 1) Coffee is God's gift to man. 2) Sleep is optional. 3) Working hard does not guarantee useful results (So it seems in my case anyway). So sit back, relax and feel free to close the page if you have not done so already, Anywhoo, on a side-note I shall be updating my blog with more of my sketches to come but I currently do not have a scanner so I apologize to those many imagined fans of mine, you will have to wait :(.

The first design that you will see (I think) is a vintage / flowery design, not that I know much about anything vintage, but this is what in my minds eye reminds me of a time long before I was even conceived, or my parents, or my parents' parents for that matter. But yes, initially a pencil sketch turned to Photoshop for neatening then to Illustrator in which I learnt that the live trace tool actually despises me.

And because I have suddenly run out of things to say, here are the other images

(insert wall of text explaining the process that is by no means important nor integral and i'm pretty sure you can make it through the rest of your life without reading this.)

In closing