Friday, January 7, 2011

Farewells and goodbyes

So this is the end of Francis at SDC. goodbye everybody. It's been a pleasure. I'm moving from graphic design to 3D animation. As effect. I'm closing this blog down. But please, if you do wish to remain in contact. I have another blog under the name of, please do come by when you have the chance. Anyway ladies and gents.

I bid thee now adue

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pulse Pack

So it's 11:30pm and i've just finished making my 'pulse pack' for the energy drink project, sorry for the slapdash photo but i'm rather proud of it myself. It may not be the best but it's certainly heading in the right direction of were I want the brand to be. Going to start working on the poster now, the slogan of the poster has gone through quite a few ideas and the one that has been settled on at this point will be something like 'Dance the feeling' (credits to all the bros that helped me brainstorm <3)>

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Insomnia and pictures

Ugh, it's 2 am and insomnia is in full effect. Thought I might treat all who care in a quick look at how Lucelle's project is underway, it's a colouring book / novel for children.

First page is completed, second is also shown albeit tricky, can't render pictures fully as we need something for the children to be able to colour in. What the goal is, is to make the pictures complete on their own but able to be coloured in if need be, and the entire effect is something that children can understand at face value (the concept of an adventure) yet at the same time have a deeper meaning that adults can understand and appreciate. third and fourth pages are (hopefully) to be completed tomorrow.


Here are the first shots of the completed cans of Euphoria Hope you enjoy ;D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Energy Drink Designs

For our Graphic Design Concepts class, the last project of the year is to make an energy drink brand. I decided to step out of my dark / negative comfort zone and go somewhere unfamiliar so I went to a very clubbing / night going type of scene and tried to make something that would be accepted in those type of circles, the 4 following ideas are the fronts of the cans. Hope you enjoy them the green colored image is where I began, though I felt it didn't quite capture what I needed and constant tweaking after that resulted in the rest of the designs


Monday, September 20, 2010


So here I am staring blankly at the screen that I seem to spend most of my life in front of, and it suddenly hit me that I haven't updated my blog in eons, so what better way to pester you and embarrass myself than to show you my recent attempts at developing a brand identity for a college assignment, I was going for a steam-punky / vintage style of brand with these designs, most of them were painfully difficult to do (all thanks to my superhuman ability to over-complicate things unnecessarily) but I've learnt 3 very important things 1) Coffee is God's gift to man. 2) Sleep is optional. 3) Working hard does not guarantee useful results (So it seems in my case anyway). So sit back, relax and feel free to close the page if you have not done so already, Anywhoo, on a side-note I shall be updating my blog with more of my sketches to come but I currently do not have a scanner so I apologize to those many imagined fans of mine, you will have to wait :(.

The first design that you will see (I think) is a vintage / flowery design, not that I know much about anything vintage, but this is what in my minds eye reminds me of a time long before I was even conceived, or my parents, or my parents' parents for that matter. But yes, initially a pencil sketch turned to Photoshop for neatening then to Illustrator in which I learnt that the live trace tool actually despises me.

And because I have suddenly run out of things to say, here are the other images

(insert wall of text explaining the process that is by no means important nor integral and i'm pretty sure you can make it through the rest of your life without reading this.)

In closing


Monday, August 2, 2010

New beginnings

Well, just some news for all those that are interested, I've started designing a new image for a separate blog showcasing my illustrations and fantasy artwork, completely separated from the College works, just deciding on a name if anyone would like to suggest something don't be afraid to comment.

See you around.